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She just grabbed her basket with the other hand and reached to the other side of her panties and pulled that side away from her bum, before running it the length of her crack to make sure the wedgie was gone. The last I saw of her she was pointing to the type of meat she wanted on her sandwich, my cum running down the back of her legs and dripping from the edge of her dress. I wonder if she figured out what had happened while she waited at the meat counter! I settled for staring at them over her shoulder as I jerked off through the leg hole of my shorts. I paid for mine at the counter and walked out as she stood in line at the front.

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I waited until she moved to the corner of one of these shelves and walked around and pretended to look at something on the lower shelf. I just got there and took a number when I saw her. I didn't think she realized what was going on at all! There I stood, my finger stuck between the ass cheeks of a perfect stranger, in the middle of lunch rush, and she didn't even notice! I'd like to start by thanking everyone who has read and commented on my stories and experiences over the last few years! I just stood there after that jerking off until my orgasm subsided.

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  1. DANG! They should team the ORIGINAL Pinky up with THIS Pinky. THAt would be the ULTIMATE!

  2. I actually had a file with her movies but didn't put her name with her face. Her body is NICE in this video, she looks great in [and out] of that outfit.