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Also influencing my opinion of the film is the fact that if you put Zack in an art-house theater instead of a coffee shop and showed him Robbe-Grillet movies he would basically be me. An error has occured. Hopefully my review will save somebody a precious hour of their life. The title pretty much sums up the whole film right there, in the broad strokes. The supporting cast is strong, especially Robinson as Zack's co-worker who is principally interested in financing this film so he can see some women naked after being married for so long A scene between his character and his wife late in the film is a riot and Jason Mewes, no longer under the influence of drugs, proves that he will do almost anything in a film and gets plenty of laughs. Zack and Miri Make a Porno provides a more tantalizing mental image than it visually paints on screen. His dead-end mallrats entering their thirties without accomplishment or future speak truth, and the best things about his movies has always been the dialogue, which is spiky and arresting and nonstop and alive, even if he avoids polish so studiously that the lines aren't as memorable as they might be.

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Oh wait, but then again if you took those scenes out there would probably only be about 30 minutes of an actual movie.

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I don't know if it's just my being able to identify with Zack so much and my having a Miri of my own, but I felt like the film ended up being genuinely sweet and not sappy. It's as if he forgot what makes his own films so popular. The bills are stacking upthe heat and electricity have been turned off and they're about to be thrown out on their ass. He's so drunk he doesn't notice that one of the new porn recruits and Jason Mewes are having sex on a platform in front of the counter. I feel like I should let everyone reading this know of the bias I had in favor of this film going in. Not only does the comedy not work at all, but the later attempt to turn the film into a touching romance falls completely flat.

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zach and miri make a prono sex scene
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zach and miri make a prono sex scene
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