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She felt like a cow that was locked up with a young bull. His father noticed this and upped his overbearing nature on the young man hoping that this would liven him up. Johnny sat down and took a bite of his sandwich before looking up at the girls. He began to thrust upwards and pull back. He tip toed past his parents bedroom and to his sisters lab. Just because he was going to be living through his greatest and wildest dreams didn't mean that he couldn't look really awesome while doing it. But that would be a bit too dark and selfish.

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Johnny walked into the lab.

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All she could really focus on was the best cock that had ever graced her pussy with it's presence. Johnny's smirk went to a magical grin when he finally saw the final door to the right. Her mind was too fuzzy to connect any dots currently. Sometimes weeks would go by without either their mother or father haven't seen them. So let's just say that he was at his peak level of excitement when he headed down the hall to his sisters wing of the house.

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