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About people became ill. It was Sheela who found the architects, urban planners, scientists, accountants, and lawyers who could turn empty Oregon ranchland into a fully functional mini-city, Rajneeshpuram. She tried to get her assistant to murder her enemies. Yahoo UK News Video. Her father introduced her to Bhagwan. Predictably, many of these homeless people were angry at having been used for political gain. Sheela tried to sway the Wasco County elections by recruiting thousands homeless people who were eligible to vote from major cities all over the country.

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The state government ultimately shut down voter registration before the election.

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She told her inner-circle she needed the doctor killed, and Stork volunteered. Her father introduced her to Bhagwan. After her plan to register homeless voters failed, Sheela began looking into other ways of swaying the election. InSheela pled guilty to, among many charges, her role in the attack. They selected small handguns from a cache of weapons, and waited across the street from the Portland court house for Charles Turner, attorney general for the state of Oregon, to appear. Rajneeshees essentially took over the nearby town of Antelope, Oregon, by buying local property and electing a Rajneeshee-majority city council. When she was 16, her father told her about a spiritual teacher he believed could become a second Buddha.

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