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Les Stroud is a cheater. Bear is an arrogant loser. What I did notice just before he jumps in is that two hand holds were dug out. Some examples of this deception include: He is the true survivalist. I can't help think that there's something considerably disturbing with the scenes enacted in this show. He begins his demo on how to "extract your self from freezing water".

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If Bear is all fake then it's just a "reality" show and they should just pitch it as that.

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Man vs Wild, Bear Grylls, Fakes Situations

Corridas are being banned because of the harm done for entertainment well, this show does the exact same thing and leaves me with a very uncomfortable feeling. In one episode les speaks about lions being present at a place and he is aware about it because he saw them there when he was travelling through the same place with the scouts. In remote situations like these there really aren't alot happening around you. They cut that shot and show him actully falling through the hole and his water bottle strap is from his right hip to left shoulder. Just way to much fake and not enough survival for me personaly. When bear says he is looking for food, right before he finds it, the camera is in the perfect position to capture it as Bear is walking towards the camera and halfway through points and says 'wow look what I found' You can clearly see that he has already found it, gets the crew into place and then pretends to find it.

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fakes de bear grylls desnudo
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fakes de bear grylls desnudo
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