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Inhigh school graduates had "a higher rate of unemployment than did the illiterate", and the educated unemployed often supported the revolution. Vacant Title next held by Abolhassan Banisadr. In the s, Iran had an economic growth rate equal to that of South Korea, Turkey and Taiwan, and Western journalists all regularly predicated that Iran would become a First World nation within the next generation. The assassin was killed before he reached the royal quarters. He repeatedly clashed with his prime minister Ahmad Qavamwhom he viewed as too pro-Soviet.

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Mohammad Reza inherited the wealth built by his father Reza Shah who preceded him as king of Iran and became known as the richest person in Iran during his reign, with his wealth estimated to be higher than million rials [] and including vast amounts of land and numerous large estates especially in the province of Mazandaran [] obtained usually at a fraction of their real price.

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Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

The beginning of all film showings in public theaters presents the Shah in various regal poses accompanied by the strains of the National Anthem During his second exile, Mohammad Reza travelled from country to country seeking what he hoped would be temporary residence. He has no moral courage and succumbs easily to fear". Views Read Edit View history. An image of the imperial crown was included in every official state document and symbol, from the badges of the armed forces to paper money and coinage. You must not succumb to advice that is self-serving and false. Sullivan of organising the demonstrations, screaming that he was being "betrayed" by the United Kingdom and the United States.

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