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It is permitted for them to report all of the information that is necessary for this purpose to the Youth Welfare Office in pseudonymized fashion. A global perspective on child sexual abuse: BOX 2 Normal perianal findings that do not constitute evidence of sexual abuse. Conflict of interest statement. Many findings that were once misinterpreted as evidence of abuse are now considered normal findings and variants. As long as its limitations are kept in mind, EBM can indeed be applied to the diagnosis of sexual abuse 28 Factors that are significantly correlated with findings associated with abuse.

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Journal List Dtsch Arztebl Int v.

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In particular, the width of the hymenal opening is of no informative value whatsoever. There are no available studies to tell us in which developmental stage children become able to distinguish, e. This is called an imperforate hymen and it does obstruct menstrual flow. Harfic July 20, Injuries of the anal region due to sexual abuse Findings of genital injury in sexually abused boys.

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