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The most common compulsions include excessive cleaning, checking, ordering and arranging rituals, repeating routine activities, and counting. Use My Facebook Avatar. Settle down now; this isn't the first time a chicken has gone hurtling through the roof of this classroom and I'm sure it won't be the last. I can be a New York City taxi driveran out-of-shape boxeror a cabbage. Oh, she is a baby!

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Goodnight to your mouth and your moustache above it.

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Compare that with how angry he is after Cookie Monster finally gets the cookie. I'm sure he has a dog turd collection that brings him great pride and joy. His neurosis was so in charge of his thought process that it blocked out the rest of the world in an instant. Inferiority complex is not created overnight. Shows Ernie and Bert in their living room and a green capital Q is on the desk.

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